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Natelee Cocks


Luxury gifts, bespoke products and art pieces. Hajar Design Studio aesthetic is where functionally, design and, impeccable craftsmanship meet.

A Hajar design studio specialising in product design, and driven by the Bauhaus ideal that all functional items should be produced and made with artistic vision and highly honed skill. Established with a special focus on the cultural diversity and stories of the UAE. 

Working within these two fields of thought, we create design experiences, whether large scale installations or outstanding products. We adhere to the spirit of curiosity and exploration; by discovering innovative functions and versatility to respond to a user’s need or to achieve its purpose more elegantly.

We work with tastemakers, forward thinking clients, and fellow professionals to produce amazing design outcomes and projects. 

A progressive product designer Hajar Al Tenaiji established her Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates based design studio in 2018. Driven by the idea of design as a stand alone art object, the studio specializes in bespoke gifts, home décor and industrial design. 

As part of her practice, Hajar conducts intensive research for each project while exploring the principals of rational beauty, functionality and timeless design. Hajar’s eco-friendly product design draws inspiration from the visual and cultural stories of the Middle East as well the tenets of modern and contemporary design. 

The designer is committed to integrating the harmonious beauty of natural materials, artisan craftsmanship and sustainable production. Each design and product is original and reflects an understanding and new interpretation of iconic design practice. 

Hajar graduated from the Higher Colleges of Technology, Abu Dhabi, and studied Interior Design at The Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts, London. Additional coursework includes Sotheby’s Institute of Art including ‘Art as a Global Business’ and ‘Introduction to Curating’.

Most recently, the designer was invited to participate in Dubai Design Week, 2019 and Strive for Perfection, an exhibition showcasing excellence in modern design and luxury, Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club 2020 Book Launch Event 2020, London. Hajar works with tastemakers, forward thinking clients, and fellow professionals to produce bespoke design outcomes and projects. 



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