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We make accessible furniture that you will have fun customizing. Proudly made in UAE, the new designs made for your desire.

When good old March of 2020 rolled around and we stayed home for weeks on end – we looked around tried to hack every Ikea piece to make it look fresh and different.

When we were done with that we scrolled through every insta page and website and looked for that new chair that we always wanted but ended up paying sh*t ton for something didn’t look totally sh*tty.

We couldn’t customize it or even choose a color that worked for us but we took it anyways because choice was limited.

Are there two options really Ikea or break the bank and still not get what you want? Is there anything in the middle? Well…. Boom Chaka Laka- we are!

Our idea was born out of desire to find furniture that was young, and on trend yet at the same time was not cookie cutter nor $$$$.

We cut out of middle man; the warehousing costs, the store rent costs, the salaries of sales people and everything in between and provide you with accessible and transparent pricing where you only pay for the item that you actually bring home.

We are not designers that will mark their products by 100’s of %’s nor are we with a huge footprint where we over produce then dump the excess. We simply want to connect you with the best craftmanship in Dubai and allow you to use technology to customize your home and get pieces that you love to live with.

Every piece needs and outfit that works for you and surroundings. But don’t you worry, you don’t have to look through those massive dusty books and literally don’t know the difference between anything or try super hard visualizing what a tiny swatch looks on a massive couch.

At Klekktic we wanted you to be able to able to pick online from more than 50 fabrics. Not just a colours and textures but performance qualities that really meet your needs.

We spent months digitizing our fabrics in the most accurate and realistic way but if that’s not enough you can also order up to 3 free swatches to be delivered straight to your home.



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