Natelee Cocks
InteriorMonochrome Study

Monochrome Study

A recreational space designed to lounge & entertain within the privacy of residential vila. A blend of neutral color palette and accent tones. 

The Cellar is the main character of the project. Discrete, simple and has seamless integration with the space. Housing some exclusive labels and vintage wines that range from the early 2010’s, it’s designed to hold up to 300 bottles. The dark hues on the wall, and plastered shelves with deep bronze metal accents. Dimmable lights allow scenes to match different moods and create a shadow play through the paneled doors when closed. ⁣

Statement pieces make a space iconic. 

The lounge chair corner is all about comfort and elegance. A spot to read, have a drink and ponder on life’s ebbs and flows. The chair is from Ian Felton studio.

With integrated ceiling mounted screen and surrounded sound system, the space can turn into a dark, sound-proof cinema room at the switch with a button. All the technical units are concealed in order to avoid interference when the space is utilize by other functions.

An integrated bar counter fully equipped with under- mount coolers, concealed ice machine and designed bootle display units. Its subdued stone counter, elegantly combined with solid oak paneled doors, enhances a residential feel. The symmetrical metal shelving units contrast the light, natural paint and anchor he bar as a main focal point.

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