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The design was inspired by the idea of entering a celebrated friend’s high-end London penthouse, where they might welcome you into their home and cook for you. The restaurant is themed around the concept of a house, with a welcoming ambiance that delights and warms you. The Champagne Lounge has a residential-style bar and the finest Champagne collection. The state-of-the-art show kitchen is the main stage, whilst satirical artworks add a touch of humour. The pièce de résistance is the Chef’s Library, the perfect setting where the masterpiece reaches its crescendo – beckoning you to reflect and recollect.

High-end gourmet restaurant concept Row on 45 opened in September at The Grosvenor House Hotel in Dubai, spearheaded by celebrity chef Jason Atherton.  

The concept of Row on 45 was born out of Atherton’s vision for a luxury penthouse apartment in London where he could welcome guests into his home and cook for them. Dubai-based LW Design was enlisted to collaborate on the design.

The venue exudes a sense of timeless elegance from bespoke timber, marble, leather, and metal finishes executed with an authentic classical touch.

The warmth of an old friend’s home was the driving inspiration, with a welcoming atmosphere and sense of comfort to put guests at ease on arrival. Luxury was essential, too.  From the classic wall panelling to the intricately crafted architraves and detailed profiles often found in distinguished private residences, no detail was overlooked.

The Champagne Lounge is where the 17-course culinary journey begins, offering panoramic views of Palm Jumeirah. A residential-style bar and Poltrona Frau wing chairs in emerald leather provide a comfortable setting, whilst satirical artworks have been introduced to add a touch of humour and lighten the mood.

A theatrical dining room complete with a live stage awaits in the next room, designed to exhibit Atherton’s culinary skills in a state-of-the-art residential show kitchen. Swivel armchairs with fringe details are a nod to the Art-Deco era.

The final room is the Chef’s Library. A solid marble mantelpiece centres the space, surrounded by vintage furniture, bookcases and the same fur textile wallcovering as the entrance.

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