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        Fronteriors launches an exclusive collaboration with a notable brand from the Scandinavian Design scene. Beautifully crafted 101CPH brass door knobs are now available within the Fronteriors collection
        of doors, sides, tops, handles and legs to upgrade your IKEA furniture frames.

        Fronteriors was born out of a deep routed love for Scandinavian design. It is therefore very exciting for the young start-up to partner with 101 CPH, an admired brand from the Nordic design scene. Fronteriors, a company that offers doors, tops, sides and accessories to upgrade the most popular IKEA furniture frames, is now offering 101 CPH’s exquisitely designed brass Hihat knobs and a small assortment of decorative objects to complement their collection. 

        101CPH was founded in 2017 with a strong vision to create lighting and accessories of exquisite craftsmanship, quality, and timeless design for a Scandinavian living. After using 101CPH products to style their furniture for some time, Fronteriors founders, Kath and Linda, decided to reach out to them about offering their knobs as part of the Fronteriors hardware selection. 

        “We are very excited about the collaboration with Fronteriors. We find that the brands are a great match in terms of design profile and quality materials. The Hihat knobs add a stylish touch to the front elements, and the spun solid brass material will wear beautifully over time” says Kristian Sofus Hansen, Founder and Partner at 101CPH.

        Fronteriors’ recently launched a sleek and simple door design known quite aptly as ‘Basic’ which was introduced with Hihat knobs in mind. Where the door is completely understated, the addition of the slightly concave brass knobs elevates it to something stylish and unique. The knobs also offer a new dimension to the Framed door design, which would otherwise be used without handles. 

        The addition of knobs and ceramics from 101CPH has been a catalyst to Fronteriors expanding their product offering to include a range of styling elements that complement the company’s signature Scandinavian aesthetic. Think quirky vases, stylish prints and possibly some one-off vintage pieces – anything you might recognize from their lifestyle images. Retailing these accessories makes perfect sense for customers who will aspire to recreating the styles they love online in their own homes. 


        Fronteriors founders, Kathryn Hawkes and Linda Dekkers, both interiors stylists, fulfilled their own personal quest to design the things they wish the region had when they joined forces to create this innovative start-up. Since the start of the company in early 2019, Fronteriors has introduced an impressive range of styles to upgrade IKEA furniture frames. Where IKEA offers unquestionable affordability, and practicality, Fronteriors offers a selection of doors, tops, sides and accessories using on-trend designs and materials to upgrade their highly functional units. The high-end materials and craftmanship will transform basic frames into your own version of a design piece.