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SĀN Beach

SĀN Beach is a culinary experience, beach destination and soul retreat. A deep breath in the city of crossroads, Dubai. It recalls the deep-rooted wisdom of the first people, the San, honouring the elemental rhythms and the topography of self and other.

The San believed in an invisible energy, accessed through ritual. This energy, vibrational potency or magic power was alive. It was used for healing of illness as well as divisions within society. It was always a force for good.

At SĀN Beach we hope to co-create a similar energy. One that is well-intentioned and tender and vibrant. Art, nourishment, music and connection; these rituals allow for a resonance that is felt beyond the moment.

Inspired by and named after Africa’s first people, SĀN Beach is a new culinary experience, beach destination, and tranquil soul retreat situated amid Dubai’s concrete jungle. Natural materials, soft curves and textures inspired by the spirit of Africa take centre stage at SĀN Beach, Dubai’s newest luxe retreat designed by Tristan du Plessis.

“The initial brief was to create the world’s first luxury African inspired beach club. We wanted to create a space that presented Africa in its current contemporary stride. We used the ancient social-focused culture of the San and their primal connection to nature as the backbone of the personality of the beach club. Because of that the design highlight of SĀN Beach is the form of the interior space. “Through the use of curves, arches and soft edges, the space seems as if it has been moulded by hand out of ancient clay and has an almost poetic softness and feminine feel,” says Tristan.

Certainly the African art which infuses the interior and exterior space is another key highlight. For instance, all the ceramic tables outside have been lovingly handmade in Cape Town, and there’s a beach sculpture made by the artist Jake singer overlooking the water. The interior features lamps by Jan Ernst, sculptural pots by Jade Paton and an enigmatic sculptural bench from David Krynauw.

The design feels ‘multi-layered’ – natural textures and organic lines give the whole beach club tactile appeal. “I always feel that it is crucially important to create highly tactile, imperfect surfaces in contrast with sharper, more polished materials,” explains Tristan. “This tension adds depth and intrigue to the overall design”.



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