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InteriorSaudade by Styled Habitat

Saudade by Styled Habitat

The 2022 edition of Dubai Design Week marked a milestone for Styled Habitat, which was founded on 2016 and specializes in residential, commercial, hospitality and creative projects. It wad the first time the Dubai – based design studio presented and installation: an “apartment” that saw its studio converted into series of vignette – like rooms. 

Title “Saudade”, this warm and emotional interior space gave visitors opportunity to discover Styled Habitat’s style combined with cultured elements that pay tribute to “multi-ethnic environment.”

The concept consisted in “depicting in timeline of someone’s life, a person that inhabited a space over [a]  course of years,” explains Rabah Saeid, founder of Styled Habitat and creative director of “Saudade”. Each element, whether textile, wallpaper or even paint finish, truly speaks to the influence of design during different periods. The interior is also testament to the quality and good craftsmanship of selected items that would weather the passing of time.” 

With the objective to create “an experiential journey by intuitively tapping into the senses in reminiscence of life evolving with time,” Although challenging our audience with perception of mixing colours and matching textures, we also wanted them to connect recognisable classic elements as as a backdrop to the new modern.

Offering a glimpse into a imagined life, the founder of Styled Habitat showcased he different objects as if they were placed in a real home, looking to provoke viewer’s memories and reflect the nuances of the regional lifestyles in her own way.

“Not to neglect the context in which this installation is taking place – considering the clientele we’ve worked with over the the years and witnessing the shift in narrative away from what is perceived as ‘local traditional aesthetics’ – we wanted the represent the more modern demographic that is authentically after cotemplative  interiors, reflecting refined spaces and a lifestyle that speaks to a well- travelled and design -savvy consumer.” she says.

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