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The House

The House is a sensorial experience where visitors can soak in the calming smells and sounds of premium coffee being prepared, poured and enjoyed. The beauty of the interiors journey, there is a beginning of excitement and first drafts – the process and then there is the result.

A space for quiet contemplation and deep connection.

Approached with a brief to create a café with an ambience “as warm, grounded, earthy and balanced as the perfect cup of coffee”, C’est Ici responded with an efficient open plan and chic interior design style brimming with character.

Employing a minimalistic approach, the design house fashioned a youthful, upscale studio that speaks warmly of the client’s deep knowledge and passion for coffee. Everything from the spatial layout to the colour and texture palette, curation of furniture, accessories, lighting and finishes all come together to create a tranquil space where guests can immerse in the storytelling and discover the journey of coffee from bean to brew.



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