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InteriorSO Hotel Citronelle Club

SO Hotel Citronelle Club

Situated in SO/ Uptown Dubai, The Citronelle Club offers an eclectic blend of Asian culinary traditions with French influences. The restaurant aims to provide a unique gastronomic journey that respects Asia’s cultural heritage.

Enclosed by ‘Mígong maze’ walls, the venue offers a vibrant setting complete with open kitchens and live cooking stations, creating an immersive dining experience. The artwork on the walls complements the maze-like layout and incorporates Asian symbolism like koi fish and dragons.

Diners can expect a menu featuring flavours from South East Asia and China with a French touch. Signature dishes include shrimp and scallop siu mai, yellowfin tuna and foie gras, biang biang frog legs and the Citronelle signature whole roast duck.

The menu emphasises sharing-style dining to encourage connection and conversation. Dishes are served to the middle of the table, offering all guests the chance to try something new, and experience the enticing flavours that the restaurant has to offer.

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