Natelee Cocks


Somewhere. The name doesn’t give much away but the mystery only adds to our intrigue, and it’s with the spirit of true explorers that we whip on our elephant pants and trek down to the new travel-themed restaurant.

Somewhere turns out to be not just anywhere, but in the Bujairi Terrace, Riyadh It has pristine marble furnishings, floor-to-ceiling windows and potted plants aplenty.

The fairly concise menu is inspired by the travels of the team, and all of the Middle Eastern dishes have an international twist – from the Mediterranean to Mexico.

The concept is to enjoy the thrill of traveling through authentic cuisine from around the world.

So it’s with this thought in mind that we get stuck into a delicious aubergine moussaka, which is fresh and tasty, swathed in a rich, herby tomato sauce.

Interior design made by Verhaal Studio. Verhaal is an architecture and interior studio founded in 2016 by Neydine Bak and Dewald Struwig in Sydney, Australia.

Bak and Struwig work together with a team of creatives and a global community of makers to create extraordinary hospitality, hotel and residential experiences defined through art, storytelling and collaboration here at home in Australia and internationally. Balanced perfection is the Verhaal standard delivering impeccable, tailored service from concept to completion for our clients. Obsessed with texture, pattern and colour Verhaal is synonymous with playful expressions and artisanal and artistic embellishment – a Verhaal space tells a story, beautifully.


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