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        LOCI is a Dubai based design studio driven by the locality of design and aims to bring forward a strong local identity to inform its design process and product. Recently I photographed one of their beautiful creations in The Dubai Mall, The Art of Scent.

        The Art of Scent Dubai Mall is based on a very interesting premise: There is an art medium as unknown as it is important, a medium that is the equal of paint, clay, and music but that is only now starting to become understood — and the works created in it recognized as great works of art. That medium is scent materials. The works of art created in it are perfumes.

        11 scents of art have been chosen from the select collections in Perfumery & Co. These collections are among the most refined and carefully curated in the world, and each work here is an example of an aesthetically significant, technically masterful work of scent art, created in styles ranging from Abstract Expressionism to Naturalism to Luminist Realism. They are the creations of significant contemporary artists from Thierry Wasser, Christophe Laudamiel, and Patricia de Nicolaï to Daphnée Bugey and Jérome Epinette.