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Sneha Divias Atelier is a boutique Interior Architecture & Design Studio in Dubai. Sneha holds a Master Degree in Architecture and specialised in Interior Design at New York University. With a detail oriented viewpoint as an architect, Sneha is able to mix the style of her clients into design solutions. As a designer, Sneha believes that you need to recognise your client’s taste and understand their needs. She doesn’t work with the same set of rules for each project. Each project is a unique opportunity for new ideas and new solutions.

For this project, I was asked to photograph an interior make-over in Burj Daman. Burj Daman is a mixed-use development, located in Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). Here you will find lavish residential and commercial towers. Sneha transformed one of these apartments into a contemporary space with catching artwork, copper accessories and timeless furniture. The interior styling revamped each room into a unique space.

Having mostly a muted colour palette, one would instinctively focus on the accent pieces. I like to simplify a composition by taking a close-up of details within a design. In the close-up photographs, you can see fabric patterns and textures, the material selection and interesting art works. The circular artworks depicting a horse, carriage and vintage vehicle are one my favourite details. Photographing white on white brings a sense of calm into a composition. I tend to be drawn to the simplicity of these compositions as you can see in the way I photograph details.

Be sure to check out SNEHA DIVIAS ATELIER, this new start-up will have loads of lovely projects to share soon.

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