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ProductFrench Poetic Twist

French Poetic Twist

Frozen Musique home decor and furniture are unique pieces made form natural materials. So the small adding to your living space and your home becomes something special you may never wanna leave.

“Your space is a breath of art. Let’s give it a touch of novel color, effortless sense of style, romance, and a French poetic twist to make it soulful.”

The single arch Pont Marie lends an artful balance of timeless charm and contemporary flair. As beautiful as a work of modern sculpture, Single Arch simplifies an accent table with striking simplicity.

Crafted with finesse, the Rainbow Tray adds a modern, sophisticated touch to your space. The visible engraved wood displays the material’s natural beauty. The Rainbow trays are available in different colors. The simple beauty of curves reflects perfectly. Especially on our marble-top coffee table will bring personality to your space, compliment your home decor and personal style.

For a relaxing, hands-free reading experience, pick a stylish Rainbow bookstand. The bookstand brings the perfect balance to the reading session. Together with Clara armchair will add a this modern, unique piece that will add just the right amount of beauty to your home.

As well as a well-placed bar can elevate almost any space. Our veneer wood finish ‘Bar 26’, goes perfect as decor alone, or as a coffee bar.




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